• I am an artist, a human being, and a generally happy person.
  • I was born in New Mexico. My family has resided here for over 100 years, and it's where I live and work. I have also lived or worked in New York City, California, Iowa, and the British West Indies. I am happily married and believe that real love can change anything and everything.
  • Over the past 21 years I have worked on drawings, paintings, websites, tattoos, books, independent comic books, music performances, independent films, production art, and even the odd play or two.
  • I also love technology, fitness, nutrition, photography, gardening, music, spirituality, literature, music, science, history, comics, movies, astronomy, and music, I am also a gourmet cook. Did I mention that I love music?
  • I believe that art is one of the most sincere forms of communication that we have, that our creativity is the catalyst for our genius, and that creativity is in everyone, and everywhere.





'Jamie Berry continuously redefines what it is to be an artist. He sees stories where most people merely see ideas or philosophies. He profoundly understands the heart of the stories he shares through his art. His work has been described as unique, magnificent, intense, political and surreal. He lives what he believes. He loves life and lives every moment to the fullest.' - Annie Q. Syed, author of 'Collection of Auguries'

'Jamie Berry is an artist in dynamic motion. His incisive use of color, form and space seduces the eye into storyland. Berry's visual themes are both bittersweet and peppery, with a jocular edge that cuts as deep as it does wide. He is an artist to watch.' - V. Shayne Frederick, writer and musician

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