'Brookhattan', photograph by artist and creative Jamie Berry

Okay, so this one is all about compositing. It isn’t a natural shot, but a mashup of two.

We spent a wonderful afternoon on Governor’s Island taking in the sights, lounging peacefully beneath the trees, and listening to the water in the sunshine. It was a beautiful day.

I was in awe of how tiny both Manhattan and Brooklyn looked across the water, and having spent time in each city, how they are in many ways reflections of one another.

I hope that doesn’t make some Manhattanite’s head explode.

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2 Responses

  1. *head explodes* :)

    Wonderful composite and shot of a wonderful day.

    I enjoy your photos & perspectives.

  2. My wonderful girlfriend and I had a blast. ;P It will remain one of my favorite New York memories, to be sure. That entire weekend was magical.

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