'Commencement', photograph by artist and creative Jamie Berry

I was going to write something here about real friendship, real colleagues, real work, real beliefs, about how what we do trumps who we are (which is in a constant and never ending state of flux), about completions, or about autonomy. I decided that Commencement (a word that that is defined as either ‘to start’ or ‘to begin’), which we assign to the ending of a set period of learning, would suffice. We are all at the beginning of something, in perpetuity. It is one of our secret advantages if we can allow ourselves to realize it and occupy that space.

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4 Responses

  1. “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…”
    That was Seneca.
    Semisonic just stole it & put it in their song Closing Time… *sings* :)

  2. I keep imagining doing a commencement speech that consists of one word. What do you think the chances are Harvard will come a-knockin’? ;)

  3. depends on the one word. and Harvard will come a-knockin’ if you never went to college. lol

    my one word: Do!

    great shot of that day. : )

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