Sketchbook Stitchery

Sketchbook Stitchery

'Sketchbook Stitchery', image by artist and creative Jamie Berry

This is a bunch of stuff from my sketchbook of late – characters, figure drawings, and studies. Though these do inform what I later create, none of them really end up in my art exactly like this, it’s more about exploring things or hammering out ideas. Over the years it’s all become a vast concordance that includes my Mac, my iPhone, scraps of notes or napkins – anything I have on hand when an idea strikes, really. A lot of this is taped or glued into the books.

As my friend Ari (a warrior poet if ever there was one) is fond of saying: ‘Sweat as much as you can in practice so you’ll bleed as little in battle.’.

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2 Responses

  1. amazing body of work (excuse the pun!)

    I don’t know where to picks favorite… but you already know the ones I like best & why. :)

    you are certainly gifted: each sketch is intentional & thoughtful, the water colors are surrealy vibrant…

    I am inspired by your discipline & focus!

    Looking forward to the finished pieces. if this is the sketch book… I can’t even imagine more! :)

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